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GuitarGoblin is currently hiring writers to create articles for We’re looking for musicians who know how to play, know the ins and outs of their gear and fancy themselves as being able to write a compelling article. Typical topics would include product reviews, tips, tutorials and responses to general questions people have about guitar playing.

If you’d like to get paid for your passion for guitar and earn a little extra to pay for your gear habit, then this is a great opportunity!

PAYMENT. We pay $0.05 per word, and our articles are typically 1,000 – 2,000 in length, but can sometimes be as much as 3,000+ words in length. So you’ll be paid $50 for 1,000 words, $75 for 1,500, $100 for 2,000, and so on. Article lengths are assigned based on the topic and you’ll know up-front how much you’ll be paid for your efforts.

CREDIT.  You will start out as a ghostwriter, so your name will not be published with the article at least in the beginning. If you enjoy what you’re doing and are doing great work, you can choose to become a regular contributor*. At that point, we’ll start publishing under your name you’ll receive an author bio in your articles and an about page**. You are more than welcome to then start sharing on your own social media and use it to build your own audience if you like.

*If you already have an online presence in the guitar or music industry, please let us know. This is a different scenario and we can certainly credit you for your work immediately.

**There may still be articles sometimes that we request to be ghostwritten after you become a regular contributor. This will only be the case at your discretion and for the purposes of writing on behalf of opinions other than your own.

OWNERSHIP. You will be contributing with the understanding and agree that all photos, videos, written content, and all other media submitted to becomes the exclusive property of and you do not have the right to republish that content on your own site.

Ready to rock? Apply below and we will be in contact. Just be on the lookout for our email!

Please be As Detailed As Possible while filling out this form. We asked that you write in paragraph form so that we get a feel for your grammar. There’s no need to be an English major, but we’ll need to see that you’re proficient.

While you don’t need to be a professional musician, we are looking for people who truly know what they’re talking about. That being said, we are choosing people based on their strengths, not their weaknesses. Don’t hesitate to sell yourself and let’s see what you’ve got!