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Founded in 2021, GuitarGoblin.com is more than just a guitar blog; it’s a unique, captivating resource that appeals to the everyday player. Our brand, embodied by our sensationally sinister Goblin of Guitar – Godric, demonstrates our quest to stand apart from traditional guitar publications and create a more engaging and fun approach to learning the guitar.

An approach that is accessible to guitar enthusiasts of all skill levels, from aspiring beginners to experienced musicians. Part of our strategy includes partnering with and showcasing third-party resources to provide the best possible instructional material for all levels and for any genre.

Our story started very simply with a passion for guitar playing and the desire to share that with others. That passion turned into an idea – to create a kick-ass space where guitarists of all levels could learn, share, and grow.

We are musicians, educators, and enthusiasts, sharing our unique perspectives and knowledge with our readers so that they may avoid roadblocks and confusion in an effort to better accelerate their growth.

While we’ve been on a fantastic ride since our inception, we understand that the journey is just as important as the destination. We’re constantly seeking to connect and collaborate with various organizations and musicians. This way, we can continue to bring fresh insights, tips, and experiences to our community.

Whether you’re a young beginner picking up your first six-string or a seasoned player looking for advanced techniques and insights, we’ve got something for you. So join us on this exciting musical adventure and let’s make some noise together!

Our mission? To empower guitarists on their musical journey. We do this by providing a wealth of content – from expert advice and technique guides, to gear reviews and home recording tips. We strive to highlight the power of musical theory while making it accessible and engaging, even for those just starting out. By combining our personal knowledge, third-party resources and highlighting the styles of famous guitarists, we aim to make your learning experience holistic and thoroughly enjoyable.

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